sort of like a thing


Hello! I’m Sihmm, and this is the little corner of the Internet set aside for my random musings and opinions.  Sort of like a universal comments thread for me to comment on … anything, really.  Well, mostly things related to gaming and other media.  Anything like that.  This is not a place for exquisitely-crafted prose with profound conclusions – this is my rambling space, my musing space, my splurge space.

I also have a YouTube channel where I originally posted videos for very close friends to be bored by me having great fun in DiRT3, but it sort of got hijacked by games of Mass Effect 3 co-operative multiplayer which then turned into a fairly popular series of video guides to the game.  As a result I am now too nervous to post anything else on my own youtube channel in case I offend any of my 173 subscribers.

I also used to have a YouTube channel to which I uploaded videos of my friends and I playing WoW, but I stopped using it after I posted a few video guides relating to my old WoW blog, Planet of the Hats.  Which I stopped posting to because I wasn’t interested in posting about WoW anymore and didn’t want to upset any of the hundreds of people who regularly visited looking for tips on how to play elemental shamans.  (I still get emails asking for a copy of the old spreadsheet I wrote to analyse optimum gear and spell usage.)

Well, this is my space now for me to post whatever I want, so hopefully this pattern will not repeat itself.  Of course I set up this blog like, 3 years ago and was too cowardly to actually use it, so who knows!


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