I don’t know when we started watching The Great British Baking Show in our apartment. It feels like we may as well have been watching it since birth. If you’ve never seen The Great British Baking Show it’s quite simple. It’s follows a prototypical reality show structure. A group of people are weeded out one […]

via Accepting Defeat: Invisible Inc. and The Great British Baking Show — No Coast Gaming

OK, this is something new for me, reblogging other content. But it can’t be something normal for me until it’s been something new. So here y’are. I enjoyed this piece, not least because its form pleasingly mirrors its argument: a brief, gentle and meditative look at some things the Great British Bake Off (I presume the ‘Baking Show’ part is an internationalization) has in common with the excellent Invisible, Inc. In particular the inevitability of death (yes, you heard me), and why that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Check it out, both of you.

Next time on Sihmmulacrum, I rant impotently about the SWTOR launcher!