Today’s MPD is one of my favourite creations, and like so many of the best things I’ve experienced in Minecraft, it wasn’t done alone.

As often happened, Theoric (whom you may recall from previous MPDs) kicked things off by creating a giant scale model of his character’s face in the hill above the spawn point in the multiplayer world we were using at the time. It was a real work of art (or, if you prefer, mimicry) – it looked just like ‘him’. You can see some of the phases of construction in the mini-gallery below.

Now, the hill Jack had chosen was roughly rectangular at the front – it had three distinct steep sides, and a fourth side which sloped much more gently. Naturally, this meant it had to have more faces on it.

My character’s face was the second to grace the newly-christened ‘Mount Craftmore’.

As you can see, by the time I finished my character’s head and shoulders, Theoric had added an arm holding a diamond spade to his own. That’s about when our good friend Doug started playing on the server. Unlike Jack and I, who had enabled creative mode for our characters shortly after starting this new world, Doug stuck to survival mode, mining all his own materials and preventing things like flight or teleportation.

That didn’t stop him adding his own likeness to the third face of Mount Craftmore:

Doug, aka 'Mydran', completes Mt. CraftmoreThe ‘monument’ was a lot of fun to build, and felt like it really put our personal stamp on our world. Of course, anyone new joining the server would immediately look up and see the three of us towering over them too… 🙂 It was also nice how it tended to pop up in the background of our first few weeks’ worth of builds – at least until we ran out of space in the starting area! Unlike most things I’ve built in Minecraft, this is one thing I’d definitely do again.

Craftmore in the Moonlight