Dear A&E,

Today I’m going to show you something that I didn’t actually design or build – though I did help with some of the details. This is a massive English-style church built by my friend Jack, who called himself Theoric in the game.


When I first saw it, the outside framework was already nearly finished – he had been working hard for several hours. I think I helped him fill in the ‘gaps’ and complete some of the details, like the window at the back.


This was before Minecraft had different colours of glass, so we used wool with glass in front of it. I liked how it looked at night, with all the windows glowing in the snow.


Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of what was inside the church, but Jack had decorated the whole thing with wooden pews, aisles, beautiful carpets, and various other churchy paraphernalia.


The scale of the building was really enormous! It was visible for miles around and really dominated the landscape. I wonder if you’ll notice it in the background when I show you pictures of some of the other things we built in this same world?

Love from Uncle Chas