Dear Asher and Ethan,

Last time I showed you the first thing I ever built in Minecraft.  Now I’m fast-forwarding a little bit to something quite different.


This is El Castillo, one of the most famous buildings in South America.  It’s part of an ancient city called Chichen Itza.  My friends and I decided to build a 1:1 scale model in Minecraft.


The first thing we did was find out how big El Castillo is in real life, then measure out the same area in Minecraft.  Turns out it’s really big.  We marked out the foundations and then built the staircases to check we’d got everything right.

2011-07-23_22.08.54We experimented with trying to make it look right.  At first we tried using blocks of pure gold on the sides, but it didn’t look very good.  That’s my friend Seb standing on the staircase on the left, checking out the construction works!


Because it was so big it took us quite a long time to build, even with 3 of us.  Here we finally had most of the structure blocked out.  It’s just missing the room on the top, and the sides aren’t quite bricked in yet…

2011-07-24_22.41.09It looked pretty cool when we finished it though!

On the top, we lined the doors and windows up to the sunrise and sunset.  We also built a secret passage that led down deep into the heart of the pyramid, for cunning adventurers to discover!

Love from Uncle Chas