Dear Asher and Ethan,

I am writing because I want to show you the first thing I ever built in Minecraft.

I wanted to build a house for myself which would keep me safe but also look nice, and I wanted it to blend in with the scenery around it.  I chose a spot on the coast, near some hills and a little bit away from where my friends had been building.

My friend Jack helped me to dig out the foundations.  Later on, he built a big wooden castle next to my house.  That’s where I took most of the screenshots from – you can see little bits of the wooden walls in the pictures.

My first house

The grey rectangular building was made of polished rock and glass.  On the upper floor was a living room with seats, bookcases and a lovely view out over the ocean.  Underneath was a ‘kitchen’ with running water, a table and a pot plant.  Behind the kitchen were several guest bedrooms in case my friends needed a bed for the night.  In front I made a swimming pool, lit by buckets of lava covered with glass, and a little ‘hot tub’ with hot lava boiling away underneath the water!

The back garden was higher than the front, and I planted some trees there and had a nice lawn with a garden bench!  There was also a garden shed made from dirt and wood where I stored all my plant-related stuff.  I quite often found pigs, sheep or cows munching away on the grass of my back lawn, even at night.

My first house, at night

Although on the inside it looked peaceful and natural, on the outside it was surrounded by high walls with overhangs to stop anything getting in, and the only way to get inside was across a bridge over a moat which swept any monsters away into the ocean.  My friends and I called it ‘the compound’.

My first house, looking at the kitchen

In the middle of this picture is a small wooden door in the rock – can you find it?  That’s where my real safe spot was.  Through that door was a long corridor in the rock that led to a small cave where my bed was.  That was also where I kept my chests holding valuable things like diamonds.  In the back of the cave was the entrance to my secret underground mine where I dug up the diamonds, coal and iron that I needed, and filled my buckets of lava.

I preferred to be outside though, and at sunset I liked to stand on the balcony hanging over the sea and watch the sun go down before heading to my bed in the safe-cave.

I hope school is going well and that you enjoyed snowboarding last week.

Love from Uncle Chas